Saturday, October 8, 2016

My first ever MUSIC VIDEO - just in time for the Halloween season...

I sense there's something in the wind... And it makes me feel like running amuck (amuck! amuck!)

Witches and warlocks, boils and ghouls, I'm pleased to present my first ever music video, just in time to welcome in the season of spookiness. Herein I pay tribute to two beloved Halloween cinematic classics of my childhood, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (covering the haunting "Sally's Song") and Disney's Hocus Pocus (covering "Sarah's Theme," otherwise known as "Come Little Children"). These iconic themes are performed here on violin among centuries-old tombstones, a creepy Victorian house, and even inside a real catacomb! The medley culminates in a mash-up allowing the two "voices" to interweave as a duet.

You can view the video here on Youtube:

If you enjoy this audio-visual treat, please be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you'll always be in the know when it comes to my future music videos. And of course, please consider sharing the link on your preferred avenue of social media!

Also, if you'd like to take the music with you on the go, the MP3 is available for download through iTunes, Google Play, & Loudr.

Wishing you all a scary good October,


All scenes were filmed on location with generous permission at the historic Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY
Filming and editing by Erin Fogarty and Ashley Jimenez
"Sally's Song" composed by Danny Elfman
"Sarah's Theme" composed by James Horner
Both original compositions are ©Disney Music Group
Arrangement by Samantha Gillogly
Violin and viola parts performed by Samantha Gillogly
Cello part performed by Susan Davita Mandel
Audio recorded and mixed at Red Room Studio Suite in Brooklyn, NY by Yaiquab "Quab" Be Al Aka

Stay Spooky!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

UPDATE: "Meditations on Bach" now on iTunes too!

Just a quick update to let you all know that my new album, Meditations on Bach, is now available for purchase on iTunes!
Click here to view it in the iTunes store.

As mentioned in the previous post, you can also find it on CDBaby and Amazon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Meditations on Bach" now available!

Happy almost-Spring!  (or happy almost-Autumn to those of you in the southern hemisphere)

Exactly one year ago today I had the extreme privilege of being able to perform an all-Bach recital program at the gorgeous Byzantine-style chapel known as Our Mother of Sorrows at Providence Place in Holyoke, MA. The acoustics were, dare I say, divine, perfectly suited to the haunting resonance of J.S. Bach's violin repertoire. A lovely time was had by all. :)

In addition, the recital was recorded by Artistic Media Associates, Inc.....the result of which, I am excited to announce, is my second full-length album, Meditations on Bach:

Photo by Mark Jordan; Cover design by Samantha Gillogly
The digital album is now available for purchase on CDBaby and Amazon. It is currently being processed by iTunes as well and will be added to their catalog shortly. (Check back here for updates if you are an iTunes-only music shopper.)

You can also preview two pieces from the album on the following Youtube videos:

I sincerely hope you enjoy this album, and that it brings peace and inspiration to you where you may be listening!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Book launch - "The Golden Arrow and Other Tales" is now available!

Dear readers,

It is with tremendous excitement that I announce today, May 1st, marks the official launch of my book, The Golden Arrow and Other Tales!  Published by Artistic Media Associates, Inc., this is my first book of fiction. I am so incredibly thrilled and proud to finally release it into the world!

"...a collection I can sum up in one word: delightful."
-Sarah Lawson for Once Upon a Blog
Read the full review here

View the book trailer:

As of today (May 1st, 2015), The Golden Arrow and Other Tales is available to buy online through Amazon.  You can also request your local brick-and-mortar bookseller to order it.  The Barnes & Noble online purchasing page is expected to go live in 6-8 weeks.

A special congratulations to Darlene H. in British Columbia, Daryl M. in Manitoba, Yuki B. in Romania, Delirium in Poland, Michelle C. in Minnesota, Inês B. in Portugal, Darlene in Kansas, Donna, Jeremiah, and Mary, who are the lucky 10 winners of my first ever Goodreads Giveaway.  All winners have been sent a notification by Goodreads and will each receive a free signed copy of The Golden Arrow and Other Tales in the mail soon.  Big thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway contest—a staggering 1,177 people!!

Speaking of Goodreads, if you are a member, please feel free to add me as a friend or add at the book to your account's "to-read" shelf!

And of course, I encourage anyone who reads the book to leave a review and/or star rating on Amazon or Goodreads.

In the meantime, I'm getting ready to break out the cake and champagne! :D

Best wishes & happy reading,


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Winter 2014/2015 Newsletter

Dear readers,

Believe me when I say... it's been a busy year!

As you can see, the website has gotten a big design overhaul.  New look, same great taste!  Plus... What's this?  New categories?  "Book" and "Art"??  Why yes, I am expanding my creative output in the coming year to include other media.  Keep your eye on this blog for further info. :)

Speaking of which, besides playing countless shows and events this past year (including a bounty of festival dates with The Trouvéres), I am proud to announce I have fully finished editing and illustrating my fairytale short-story collection, The Golden Arrow and Other Tales, which is presently being formatted for publication.  Fingers crossed for an early spring release date!

Here's a teaser of one of the chapter header illustrations:

In other news, I'm looking forward to playing my first all-solo recital in many years!  

March 1st, 2015
Holyoke, MA
Solo Bach recital for visiting artist series
Free admission

Until then, have a listen to a few podcasts I've been featured on this year:

Now, enough talk.  On to the photos!

2014 Photo Travelogue
A year of musical journeys in pictures...

FEB. 2014: This year's Florida Renaissance Festival was not only my first renfaire, but the first for little Jolie Trouvére, the youngest member of the troupe!

FEB 2014: This little fellow is getting into the kilted spirit at the Florida Renaissance Festival

FEB 2014: Here there be sea dragons!  (Florida Renaissance Festival)

MAR 2014: Avast!  (Florida Renaissance Festival)

MAR 2014: Lovely day for some sea shanties  (Deerfield Beach/Florida Renaissance Festival)

MAR 2014: Storytime!  (Florida Renaissance Festival)

MAR 2014:  A stunning sunset over the faire  (Florida Renaissance Festival)

MAR 2014:  Performing for an Alice in Wonderland-themed proposal at the cozy and lovely Bosie Tea Room in Greenwich Village, NYC.  Photo by Petronella Photography

 Photo by Petronella Photography
 Photo by Petronella Photography

 Photo by Petronella Photography

MAY 2014:  Performing with the Trouvéres at the Robin Hood Springtime Festival in Guilford, CT
Photo by Lauren Dubois

MAY 2014:  Performing with the Trouvéres at the Robin Hood Springtime Festival in Guilford, CT
Photo by Lauren Dubois

MAY 2014:  The Faerie Queen (Robin Hood Springtime Festival)

JUN 2014:  On the way to a wedding gig in NJ, I passed by this sign.  Fans of the Neil Gaiman novel Stardust will get this one. ;)

JUN 2014:  Wedding gig at Davis Johnson Gardens in Tenafly, NJ

JUL 2014:  Performing traditional Southern Italian and Brazilian music and dance with Alessandra Belloni and I Giullari di Piazza at the New York Open Center

JUL 2014:  Wedding gig at Macari Vineyards in Mattituck, NY

JUL 2014:  Wedding gig at Macari Vineyards in Mattituck, NY

AUG 2014:  Proposal at the View of the World Terrace, NYC
Photo by Petronella Photography

AUG 2014:  Proposal at the View of the World Terrace, NYC

AUG 2014:  Proposal at the View of the World Terrace, NYC
Photo by Petronella Photography

AUG 2014:  Wedding at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, NYC

AUG/SEPT 2014:  Performing with the Trouvéres at the New York Renaissance Faire
Photo by Adam Jason Photography

AUG/SEPT 2014:  Hehehe ;)   (New York Renaissance Faire)

AUG/SEPT 2014:  Performing with the Trouvéres for Her Majesty's court at the New York Renaissance Festival
Photo by Maria Ortiz

AUG/SEPT 2014:  Arr, what be pirates doin' this far inland?  (New York Renaissance Faire)

SEPT 2014:  View from a rooftop soirée performance in Battery Park City, NYC

AUG/SEPT 2014:  Chapel in the woods  (Maryland Renaissance Festival)

AUG/SEPT 2014:  The good patrons of the White Hart Tavern  (Maryland Renaissance Festival)

SEPT 2014:  A Long-Expected Party 3 ("AL3P")
L to R: Samantha Gillogly, Marc Gunn, Jamie Haeuser
Picture from AL3P photo pool; photographer unknown

SEPT 2014:  A Long-Expected Party 3 ("AL3P")
Picture from AL3P photo pool; photographer unknown

SEPT 2014:  A Long-Expected Party 3 ("AL3P")
Picture from AL3P photo pool; photographer unknown

SEPT 2014:  A Long-Expected Party 3 ("AL3P")
The Great AL3P Hobbit Jam Band!
L to R: Marc Gunn, Diann Marksberry, Josh Simmons, Samantha Gillogly, Christine Krebs, Megan Garland, Jamie Haeuser
Picture from AL3P photo pool; photographer unknown

SEPT 2014:  A Long-Expected Party 3 ("AL3P")
L to R: Samantha Gillogly, Marc Gunn, Megan Garland
Picture from AL3P photo pool; photographer unknown

SEPT 2014:  AL3P

SEPT 2014:  AL3P
Photo by Bernadette Crumb

SEPT 2014:  AL3P

SEPT 2014:  AL3P
Photo by David Gianino

SEPT 2014:  AL3P

SEPT 2014:  AL3P

SEPT 2014:  AL3P
Photo by Flora Sanchez

SEPT 2014:  AL3P
Photo by Jo Lynne Navarre
Dress made by me! :)

SEPT 2014:  AL3P

SEPT 2014:  AL3P
Photo by Lee Shamblin

SEPT 2014:  AL3P
Photo by Lee Shamblin

SEPT 2014:  AL3P

SEPT 2014:  AL3P
(Shout-out to Knightly Endeavors, who made the amazing hobbit dress I'm wearing here)

SEPT 2014:  Prof. Michael Drout recites the opening lines of Beowulf in the original Anglo Saxon  (AL3P)

SEPT 2014:  A night at the "Dancing Pony Inn" (AL3P)

SEPT 2014:  AL3P

SEPT 2014:  A cruise down the "River Brandywine"  (AL3P)

SEPT 2014:  AL3P

SEPT 2014:  AL3P Family Portrait
Photo by Lone Dakota Photography

OCT 2014:  The Trouvéres at the Queen's Masque Ball (Connecticut Renaissance Faire- Norwich, CT)
L to R:  Standing- Kenny Lepping, Roger Noguerol, Grace Peters (and Jolie!), Krish de Simone, Elly Vaughan, Michael Peters, Samantha Gillogly;  Kneeling- Johnbarry Green

OCT 2014:  Rockin' out at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire
Photo by Megan A. Morgan Photography

OCT 2014:  Connecticut Renaissance Faire
Photo by Megan A. Morgan Photography

OCT 2014:  The gang!  Plus Josh Ferguson, honorary Trouvére and banana bread baker extraordinaire
(Connecticut Renaissance Faire)

OCT 2014: The faeries blessed our faireground :)  (Connecticut Renaissance Faire)

NOV 2014:  Giving an educational demonstration to the awesome 3rd graders of PS 321 Park Slope in Brooklyn, as part of the violin "Bach Invasion" coordinated by Simone Dinnerstein

Whew!  Well, that about wraps it up for now.  Dear readers, thank you all for your continued support.  I couldn't do what I do without you!

May you and your loved ones have a happy, healthy, and amazing new year filled with creativity, challenge, and growth.  See you in 2015!