Friday, May 10, 2013

May 2013 Newsletter: Faeries, Shape-shifters, and Leafy Green Things

"Fiddleheads" - Photo by Samantha Gillogly

Samantha's Recent Goings-on

  • The first draft of all four stories for my upcoming fairytale book project are DONE!  Now comes the challenge of editing...  In the meantime, here's a teaser of the story titles:
The Golden Arrow
The Widow by the Sea
A Garland as Long as the Year

  • Last month, I performed with Celtic-World fusion band Calon at the New England Folk Festival in Mansfield, MA.  We got a good turn-out, and were very well received.  This was my first year at NEFFA, and I had a wonderful time.  After the performance (and tucking into some delicious Lithuanian food in the international-cuisine cafeteria), I headed over to the gymnasium to join in a massive Breton folk-dance party, where I learned how to dance An Dro.  (If you've never witnessed Breton folk-dancing, especially on a large scale, it is a truly inspiring site to behold: hundreds of dancers hold hands in a giant ring, then break off into smaller rings and lines which snake and spiral around each other like the pre-Celtic stone carvings of Newgrange, all while accompanied by skirling bagpipes and great thundering drums.)

"The new endeavor, called Gwion, will attempt to harness the Myth, Magick & Mayhem that was the life of my favorite Welsh bard Taliesin... [The] project will use the words of Taliesin, which I will put to music, and my newly composed material and songs from the British tradition...."

Concert Calendar

Southbridge, MA
Music by Riverbend & Friends (Celtic), Livestock (Bluegrass), and Samantha Gillogly (Celtic fiddle)
Time: Noon-6:00pm
Location: The QVCAH Arts Center
111 Main St., Soutbridge, MA
All ages, admission FREE 

Oak Bluffs, MA
Midsummer Faerie Festival
Time: 10:00am-5:00pm
Location: Washington Park - Corner of New York Ave./Lake St. and East Chop Dr., Oak Bluffs, MA
Music, arts/crafts, puppetry, magic tricks, body art, and more.  Don't forget to wear your wings!
All ages, admission FREE

Photo Travelogue

Amazing mountain view at wedding reception performance
Chittenden, VT  3/24/13

From another wedding reception performance: Check out this fabulous Celtic-inspired cake!
Providence, RI  4/20/13

Note-worthy Noms

...and speaking of CAKE....
  • Brown Butter Icing by Martha Stewart.  This is officially my new favorite cake icing flavor: buttery, nutty, vanilla-y, with overtones of toasty caramel.  This goes great with a light-tasting cake, like plain white or sponge cake.  (And hey, Mother's Day and many college graduations are coming up this weekend, so there's plenty of reason to have cake!)  I definitely want to try this with fruit garnishes this summer, when we get into strawberry and raspberry season.


Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to me last month after the terrible events in Boston.  As I mentioned in my April post, neither I nor any of my friends and loved ones were harmed, for which I am beyond grateful.  It's so hard to know what to do or say or how to feel when something like this happens "in your own back yard," so to speak.  One option, if you are interested in making a monetary donation, is The One Fund.  The One Fund is the official charity hub for sending aid to victims of the Boston Marathon bombing who are in critical need of medical care and recovery.  A secure donation can be made here through the website; a postal address is also provided on the site if you prefer to send a check.

New Leaves - Photo by Samantha Gillogly